Balanced Scorecard for IPad

Control your entire business and create your own Balanced Scorecard, just like the Fortune 500 companies do, right from your iPad. This app makes it very fast and simple to implement and track Financial, Customers, Internal Processes and Learning and Growth perspectives. Strategic development has never been this easy and convenient.

Your business may be small but you have large intentions for it, projecting steady growth over the next five years and beyond. You want to play it like the big boys do, using powerful methods and technologies to brand your company in a corporate light. You’re not afraid of working hard to fulfill your dreams, you just need the tools.

That’s why you need Balanced Scorecard for running your business.

Balanced Scorecard lets you take control, giving you a dashboard of sorts that, until now, has been used exclusively by seventy-five percent of Fortune 500 companies to align actions with their organization’s visions and strategies.

Doesn’t your business deserve the same advantage? Shouldn’t you be using a proven, effective system tool to create, develop and implement strategies that can help propel your company forward?

The concept of the balanced scorecard was developed by Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton of Harvard Business School, as way of monitoring and measuring performance against strategic goals.

With the Balanced Scorecard app, you effectively control the degree of success each month, through the measurement of the most important indicators in four perspectives – Financial, Customers, Internal Process and Human Resources. Add any objectives you want then monitor your short-term results and analysis, right from your iPad.

You can add unlimited objectives and multiple companies, so this app is sure to become your most trusted tool for conveniently and portably keeping an eye on how any campaign and your business is doing.

The application comes with guaranteed security, too. No one gets into it without the correct username and password. You’re protected from having others seeing what projects you’re working on.

You might be thinking that an app of this nature is hard to use and time consuming. Nope! Unlike some expensive PC software, Balanced Scorecard is very easy to use. It has an intuitive design and does not require tons of your personal time and attention to function efficiently for you. Create your own Balanced Scorecard, add your objectives then let the app take care of the rest. All of the concepts and methodology is here and working for you.

Look at some of the features that will help you run your business more effectively:

* Easy, intuitive interface

* Display screen with graphics and color light indicators

* Lets you define your strategic objectives

* Identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

* Unlimited objectives and indicators by project

* Compare actual and target values

* Analyze variances

* Build your own reports per month and perspective

* Introduce strategic initiatives to improve and monitor

* Multi-company capabilities

* Multi-language support

* Guaranteed security with username and password

Run your company the same way that the corporate giants do – effectively, strategically, profitably.

Download Balanced Scorecard now and arm your business with this important Strategic tool.




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