Balanced Scorecard for iPad Selected as Seedcamp Finalist

According to a recent post from Seedcamp,

“We’re excited to announce the teams attending Mini Seedcamp Prague, once again we had some very technical, ambitious, and creative teams applying to participate. This time we received entries from a total of 31 countries! As a result this will be our most international Mini Seedcamp yet with 16 countries being represented on the day. We have more than 70 mentors signed up to spend the day with these twenty teams.”

This is a big step forward for BsC, which has created a new market for the balanced scorecard methodology on iPad.

According to Eduardo Ferrin, founder and creator of this popular app,

“I am very excited to learn we are a Seedcamp finalist. Our team has worked very hard to make an ideal app for strategic planning for more people to use in the enterprise. At Seedcamp we will be showing just how easy it is to create and managed a business dashboard to achieve planning and monitoring control – all without high costs or PCs.”

Seedcamp is slated for 20 October 2011 in Prague.  It is a one day event designed to connect the 20 best web-tech, mobile and software talent with some of the leading entrepreneurs, developers, and experts from all across Europe and all over the world.

Twenty finalists get to connect and learn from prominent entrepreneurs, investors, developers and other web technology experts. The day consists of 5 minute presentations by the teams, a panel discussions, and four 1:1 mentoring sessions. The format is designed to maximise interaction between the teams and mentors, and has proven to be exceedingly popular with mentors at previous Seedcamps.

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