Why Strategic Planning with iPad Apps Require Organizational Integration

A recent post by Jörgen Dahlberg at EA Blogs (An Integrated View of Change) underscores a critical element of strategic planning.

It often happens that when you reach for the business strategic view to explain why certain things should happen at other levels, communication get overtly complicated. Most of us are used to encountering strategy maps, scorecards, motivation models and since 2009 business model canvases. The problem I’ve encountered is that these perspectives of the business are rarely integrated properly.

Jörgen goes on in his post to identify what he believes is the cause of this dysfunction – that there are different professions using these tools. And the availability of strategic planning tools such as Strategy Architect, Business Model Toolbox, and Balanced Scorecard (for ipad), only serve to accentuate this likelihood. And with pervasive access to mobile tools like this, a variety of professionals and employees will become more involved in planning activities and from different different perspectives of the organization.

One cannot help imagining deeper adoption of mobile planning apps is good. However, as Jörgen is quick to point out, the different tools (now available as iPad apps) achieve different objectives within the context of an overall framework of much-needed collaboration. But another risk lay on the horizon.

There’s an App for That…

The new moniker of the mobile app movement and the foundation of the emerging app-centric enterprise, is likely to cause problems. According to Bill French, Sr Editor at iPadCTO,

Apps create a sense of empowerment; a feeling that you are smart, savvy, and wise concerning whatever topic the business app happens to focus on. Apps are the latest embodiment of knowledge capital and they come with a powerful warrantee of implicit authority. This can backfire if the app requires any skill or knowledge about the subject.

Organizations with goals of using these tools more deeply in their planning and BI processes should carefully consider how to create an integrated view. Jörgen’s chart provides some insight into this challenge.


Operational Integration

While skills and organization integration are key requirements in expanding strategic planning with iPad, there’s also the issue of operational integration. This typically is best handled with XML, and the latest version of Balanced Scorecard (for iPad) now supports this as part of our premium package which is provided for all app purchasers.


With the XML feeds, it it possible to create integrations with spreadsheets, servers, and other types of data involved in creating a unified model for better organizational integration.

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