Strategic Planning for Everyone

The alchemy of business intelligence, agile strategic planning, and mobile computing have combined to produce a seriously compelling value proposition for businesses and most important – everyone in the organization. This article provides insights into the emerging app-centric enterprise and how Balanced Scorecard for iPad may change the future of strategic planning.

There’s no debate; iPad has become one of the best delivery tools for business intelligence (BI), ever. Its form factor, lightweight design, display, and connectivity has caused rapid adoption by companies that need to extend the reach of their business intelligence data and provide pervasive access to performance results. Indeed, the executive suite and top managers have seen how accessibility to performance results can improve operations and increase management productivity. Aberdeen recently reported that employees were twice as likely to use business intelligence data if, and only if, it was available in a mobile accessible format.

Mobile agility combined with strategic planning information can broaden the scope of possibilities that are discoverable only by getting out of the office.

Business leaders and employees who have greater mobile agility with access to operational data, have a far greater chance of observing important changes and trends that will lift organizational performance to higher levels. iPad has fundamentally opened the door to new opportunities for managers to plan, monitor, and maintain strategic goals and targets in surroundings more suitable to favorable observational contexts. Its agility and always-available window into operational data, make it an ideal strategic dashboard for monitoring and updating business plans. But these benefits are rapidly becoming accessible to more than just managers.

Traditionally, business intelligence has focused on visualizing important operational data for managers and executives. But iPad also broadens the scope of BI benefits by making it relatively inexpensive to include deeper levels of the organization. This is made possible because mobile devices are becoming cheaper and more powerful, and software, such as Balanced Scorecard for iPad (BsC) is affordable and simple enough to use by almost everyone in your organization.

Trends show that there’s a new definition of “BI participants” within the organization, and rightly so. The democratization of BI and strategic planning is sweeping through organizations, not so much because it’s an idea whose time has come, but because the mobile revolution has provided opportunities to see and interact with operational plans and data more easily and whenever and wherever it is contextually important.

This trend is driven for some obvious, and some not so obvious, reasons. It’s almost impossible for most workers to gain any benefit from a BI dashboard designed for a desktop PC because many workers simply don’t have a desk, or a PC or even fleeting access to PCs. Inexpensive mobile computing devices that last 10 hours without a charge and with pervasive connectivity, have changed the workforce BI rules. It’s now possible to place strategic and tactical plans into the hands of everyone who can benefit from them, regardless of their mobile inclinations.

Indeed, BsC for iPad is ideal for organizations that want to simplify the entire strategic planning approach. This is particularly important if you’re trying to democratize strategic planning and participation to deeper part of your workforce. We recommend a little training or at least some deeper study and reading in the balanced scorecard methodology before diving into this app.

Give us a shout ( if we can help you make strategic planning more accessible in your organization.

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