BsC Featured in Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map Roundup

In a recent article at iPadCTO, our app was featured as one of only a few ways to create strategy maps for iPad.

“As is evident from the user interface, the strategy map feature helps you define causation relationships between strategic objectives within the same scorecard elements or between objectives across the four scorecard elements.” — iPadCTO

We worked hard on version 1.2 and we’re busy creating even better improvements for version 1.3 while keeping focused on our goal to make it very easy for businesses to involve workers in the strategic planning and execution process. Bill French really hits the nail on the head with his comments about democratization of strategic planning in organizations.

“The key takeaway for this app is it attempts to shape your maps in ways that make sense and are reasonable given the balanced scorecard approach to strategic planning. Indeed, BsC for iPad is ideal for organizations that want to simplify the entire strategic planning approach. This is particularly important if you’re trying to democratize strategic planning and participation to deeper part of your workforce.”

Stay tuned … version 1.3 will be even better.

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