iPad: Ideal for Mobile Strategic Planning and Management

Winston Churchill was a very clever strategist and a witty and cunning advocate of strategery (ref, George W. Bush), but he never let a good story (i.e., strategy) get in the way of results. His quote …

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

But looking at results and comparing them with plans as always been problematic for executives. Finding the time and the right moment as well as a presentation that delivers a simple overview is often times far more difficult than building the strategy itself. Our own product strives to achieve simplification for monitoring results but we still have many new ideas and work ahead of us.

Is it possible that iPad has created an ideal incubator that makes it far more possible to find the time and the moments to look at operation results in the context of strategic plans?

According to Aberdeen, organizations ate twice as likely to use business intelligence tools if they are mobile enabled.

Across the industry, mobile BI seems to be gaining momentum on the heels of iPad and the bright horizon of tablet computing in general. Most analysts agree, delivering business intelligence data to employees through their mobile devices will likely become a bigger requirement in 2011 and beyond.

Well-established business intelligence vendors have recast their mobile BI offerings in 2010; SAS added a Mobile dashboard last April, and SAP recently introduced upgrades to its BusinessObjects Explorer for the iPhone and the iPad. The summer began with a flurry of new upgrades including IBM’s cool new interface for its Cognos Go Mobile BI product. Microstrategy has also set a course for deep mobile integration with it’s comprehensive mobile business intelligence suite for iOS devices.

But even with all this activity in the mobile BI field, I get the sense that many of these vendors are missing a key competitive value – simplicity.

iPad, and the general DNA of Apple products, is all about making complex ideas simple enough for my mom to use. Are established BI players missing a grand opportunity to simplify BI solutions while helping their clients achieve greater adoption and benefit in a mobile context? Are they missing the core utility value of a device that is capable of delicately blending hardware and software anywhere and everywhere an executive happens to be?

iPad is ideal for strategic management and planning; now its up to the BI vendors to come through with user experiences that compliment the platform.

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