Mobile Strategic Management of Little Bets

Little BetsLearning of the title of this upcoming book (Little Bets) really struck a nerve this morning. As is typically the case on a Sunday morning, I awoke to light snow falling here in Keystone, Colorado. With coffee in hand and not yet [mentally] ready for skiing, I took a quick glance at Zite.

Little Bets immediately caught my eye. And in less than the first sentence I knew precisely where the author, Peter Sims, was was going to take me. Little Bets is all about constraining the creative process to rapidly determine the viability of an idea.

As Peter Sims puts it…

Little bets are a way to explore and develop new possibilities. Specifically, a little bet is a low-risk action taken to discover, develop, and test an idea. Chris Rock develops new comedy routines by making little bets with small audiences; Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos makes small bets to identify opportunities in new markets like cloud computing. Little bets are at the center of an approach to get to the right idea without getting stymied by perfectionism, risk-aversion, or excessive planning.

I’ve spent a great deal of my career thinking up new ways to do stuff. LapLink is a good example of a little bet that paid off big; is another. I’ve also spent a lifetime trying to dial into the creative process with the help of software.

As a guest writer on this blog, I hope to explore new ways to employ the balanced scorecard methodology and specifically Balanced Scorecard, the app. I think that there are some unique benefits to blending the creative process, heavily influenced by Peter Sims’ documented approach, and iPad with Balanced Scorecard.

More on this topic soon. In the meantime, enjoy the book which should be out soon, and if you’re already managing the creative process with Balanced Scorecard, please chime in with comments. I’d love to learn more.

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5 Responses to Mobile Strategic Management of Little Bets

  1. I want to start blogging too what do you think, which blog cms is good for beginner?

  2. I’ve been searching the Internet for exactly what you’ve submitted.

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